Announcing the closure of Quack Hosting

  • 30th May 2023
It is with regret that we have to announce the closure of Quack Hosting, effective as of June 1st. All services will continue to be offered up until the end of the month of June to accommodate customers who may wish to transition to alternate providers.Quack Hosting had been providing quality and cost-effective hosting services since 2020, with ...
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IP Unblocking System

  • 17th May 2023
Hey all, We're now announcing the introduction of our new IP unblocker system. This will allow you to manually remove specific IPs from the firewall if you are a client on a specific product line. The unblock page looks like this: You can use this system to unblock yours and clients IPs. Abuse of this system will result in permenant ban from ...
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Fideua: Replacement Server

  • 20th November 2022
As of now (10AM 20th Nov), we are yet to receive a response from the upstream in regards to the state and how long it'll take to fix Fideua. We understand the unreliability, firstly, on this and we are working on bringing up another server in the US to be able to restore the weekly backups that we have for each user onto. Users will be restored ...
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Fideua: Server 500 Error

  • 15th November 2022

Unfortunately this was noticed around 12am 15/11/22 although we've only been available to resolve it now, at 8am 15/11/22.


Clients affected can receive SLA credit by ticket request, we will be happy to offer you credit for the hours lost.

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